First Rally and AGM 4 February 2018

Our first rally of the year is scheduled to start mounted at 3pm. Please ensure you have completed your paperwork and paid all fees prior to mounting. The 2018 Membership Form can be downloaded from the Membership page. Please be advised that our 2018 AGM will commence at 2pm, prior to the rally.

2018 Dates for Your Diary

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State Coaches School


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March Rally



Show Jumping Day (Zone selections)



April Rally (Combined with KEA Have a Go Day)



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Rally News (July-November)

So much has happened since this page was last updated! We have endured the strangest winter and spring in many years. Riders have been out and out about competing, representing our club locally and internationally. We have been making great strides at our rallies, conquering challenges, acquiring new skills, and polishing existing ones. Every rally sees great improvement. The year of the exam continued, with 3 members, rider and adult, passing their tests and another very close to meeting all the requirements for a fourth efficiency certificate. Lipstick bending made a triumphant return, with riders exhibiting their artistry skills; the assistants gallery was pressed into service and my did their painted pouts look stunning! We rediscovered the sunken road, and the falls book has seen limited use.

Fathers Day Rally 2017

Sunday 3 September dawned bright, but came over cloudy to give us lovely cool weather for a day that had been long in the planning. We surprised our Dads with a special BBQ lunch, followed by a unique gymkhana - the Fathers Day Challenge. Three events were scheduled - the wheelbarrow bending race, the float hook up, and the saddle up race. Competition was fierce amongst the dads. Our gracious judge was the ever smiling, ever willing to have a joke, Mrs Denise Legge (up from Denmark to conduct an exam - how fortuitous!).

In the wheelbarrow race, where fathers pushed their daughters through the bending posts in a wheelbarrow, Father and youngest Daughter Perkins took on Father and Daughter McGuire in a savage heat; Father McGuire just pipped the Perkins duo. In the next heat, Brother Perkins threw Sister Atkinson in a barrow and took on Father Marsh with Daughter Marsh in his barrow. This was a thrilling match up. Father Marsh was determined to cross the line first, and Brother Perkins was equally sure he was up to the task. In the end, the strong working relationship between father and daughter won the day, with Daughter Marsh showing the balance skills she is famous for to help get her duo over the line in the fastest time of the day.

In the float hook up challenge, daughters unhitched their vehicles from their floats and parked them behind the starting lines. Three contestants began to snort and blow their impatience to get into the race, waiting anxiously under starters orders. Mrs Legge dropped her flag, and off they raced. First to their cars, to drive them forwards and reverse onto the float. Some possible cheating in the form of spit marking was observed. Next floats were lowered onto the ball, chains attached, jockey wheels swung away, and the judge was asked to inspect. The fastest time also had everything correct, chains crossed and lights attached. Father Marsh the clear winner in this event.

The third and final event commenced, with parents now in it to ensure Father Marsh did not get a clean sweep. The challenge this time was to saddle their daughters horse up in the fasted time so that it would pass a gear check. Mother Atkinson, Father Perkins, and Father McGuire gritted their teeth in determination - they would all have a solid crack at this. The starters flag dropped, and off they raced. Grooming was conspicuous by its absence. However, experience won the day. Father McGuire just pipped Father Marsh at the post to come first, with the best saddle up the judging team had yet seen. The determined efforts of Father Perkins deserve a special honourable mention, as he persisted in the face of severe handicap to get his daughters pony saddled up. 

Great fun, laughter, and full participation made for a wonderful celebration of the fathers in our club. Hope everyone is practising for next year! Watch out Mums for a Mothers Day gymkhana next year!

Exam News

In amidst all the activity of our April rally, an historic exam was conducted. Three generations of family McGuire have now become involved in efficiency certificates at the club, with Emily now the proud holder of a D* certificate and badge. She rode her young green horse Tank with compassion and care to demonstrate an excellent level of skill. We look forward to later in the year when ET will present for their C exam.

The Perkins family, backbone of our club for many years, are also on a certificate drive this year. Rachael is starting a sprint race to be ready to achieve her K standard in a record time span. We wish her every success on her epic quest, made much easier by her comprehensive involvement in all things equestrian over the last few years. 

A number of members are working towards C certificates, and will be examined on their prowess near the end of winter. Our younger members will sit their E certificate exams in July. All in all, a very busy year ahead!

April Rally

Another highly active day! We started the day off with theory, bandaging away for exercise and for travel. Next, we learnt the meaning of 'breeding to cheat' in terms of horses produced over many generations to best suit a particular discipline. Ask Rachael to explain this if you cannot decipher the cryptic clue! Mrs D Perkins and Miss J Daniel then presided over flatwork. Mrs Perkins' class made good use of our round yard, riding without stirrups, practising transitions on command, and riding with reins in one hand. Miss Daniels' class worked on riding a straight three quarter line with leg yielding and 10/15m circles in walk, trot and canter. Both classes joined together after lunch for an introductory cross country lesson on skinnies, Apex's, and arrowheads. We rounded off our riding with a bush tour out on the cross country with a few small jumps to keep everyone's horses 'sweet'. The day finished with vegan scones, fig (with brandy and ginger) jam and cream and our riding journals. Many thanks to our faithful helpers, Mr Daniel and Mr McGuire for tireless efforts with gear and poles etc. Dads are so awesome! 

Riders, please keep working on your horse health theory for next rally. Please bring a thermometre with you, and we will practise taking temperatures too. We will introduce another topic from the syllabus then as well. Please remember your course books (email Miss J Daniel if you need to remember which certificate book to order)

March Rally

Our March rally was a huge day! Riders were stretched and challenged, but had a great deal of fun! Dr James Skerrit coached for us for the first time, a massive thanks to him for his effort and preparation in grid work and cross country coaching. Miss Elizabeth Daniel was our demonstration rider, leading many green horses through first time challenges and ensuring the day was as useful as possible for all riders. Despite recent serious surgery, Miss Janine Daniel spent almost the entire day on her feet introducing leg yielding, games, and providing support during the cross country lesson. Our big lesson was that we learn best and enjoy ourselves the most together as a club! 


The 2017 Katanning and Districts Pony Club Annual General Meeting was held 8.30pm Saturday 4 February 2017 at Carrolup Hall. Please see the 'our committee' page for 2017 positions.


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